Where Do You Buy Your Food?

Here at the Flour City Diner, we love food.

One of the things we’ve been thinking about recently is where to buy our supplies from, that is the raw ingredients that go into our lovingly prepared meals. At present, we go to Morrisons, or more accurately we get deliveries – now that they’ve finally caught up with the modern world.

This northern supermarket has had a bit of a rough ride of late, with falling profits and a public relations disaster when their (near) entire payroll file got stolen and leaked.¬†Of course, they’re one of the more customer centric companies out there, but that doesn’t stop a little brand damage being inflicted when sensitive data like bank details get leaked – even if it’s those of staff and not customers.

Where the supermarket really come into their own is with the added value idea, such as their magazine and website which give some fantastic Morrisons competitions to enter, with prizes like free food vouchers and holidays amongst other things.

So, going back to the original question, should things like PR blunders affect where we source our food? Does it matter to you? Let us know next time you call in!