What Do You Get If You Cross A Kitchen And A Motorola Baby Monitor?

I love it when you get one of those times in life when a problem gets solved so simply by reusing something in a different way. It’s even better than recycling, as there’s nothing to do but start using it to solve whatever issue it’s perfect for.

In our case, we needed to be able to keep an eye on where the waiters and waitresses are so that we can coordinated dishing up and calling for service with the times when someone is free to deliver the food to tables quickly. If you’ve ever worked in a busy kitchen environment, you’ll know just how challenging that can be, and how it sometimes feels like it’s down to luck, even with the most dedicated staff members in your team.

A couple of weekends back, I was going through a load of old junk at home when I came across the kids old baby monitor, a Motorola MBP26 to be precise, which is a video monitoring system designed to watch over babies while they sleep. Conveniently, it’s got a talk back function, much like a walkie talkie, so we can communicate between the dining room and kitchen as well as see the customer area while we work. It’s a perfect solution from a surprisingly common piece of kit. Most homes will get one these days when a newborn comes home, so if you’re in a similar situation, you may have one knocking around too, or at least know someone who has kids that are now too old to need it any more. If you’re not sure what you need, you can find video baby monitor reviews on the web (eg http://www.videobabymonitorzone.com/) which give a great rundown on what features are included – the talk back really makes it work!

What’s more it’s a great way to make sure no-one’s slacking and hiding out front pretending to work while we’re slaving away over the food prep!